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politics are for rich people, government is for poor people.

precious little lions

Miss A.
24 January
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Interested in any and all aspects of music and building a scene of talented people working together for the advancement of art. From free jazz to indie rock I live for the sound and performence of it. Oh yeah, and tons of other pointless jabber about sex, life, love, drugs, and meaninglessness. If you get offended by strong opinions, meandering nonsense, or just girls who don't fit your idea of what girls should be, then I wouldn't click here at ALL. I get pretty personal, so don't figure I want to read yr comments about how inappropriate that is.

I am a gushing new mother to a beautiful daughter named Zoe Francesca.

I play guitar and sing in The Autis Toole.

I was a robot in D.A.R.Y.L. and her Robot Army.

I host the annual Central Valley Indie Music Festival in May. I used to do a lot more booking, but now you will just read more jaded meanderings from a gal constantly refered to as “old school” by people older then me. Check out www.myspace.com/centralvalleyindiefest.

I write once in awhile now, so check in and write me to tell me what you think. I will try to write more, seeing as how I have read a lot of these live journals since my hiatus, and I feel like I have as much, if not more, to say then some of these self-absorbed freaks.

Finally, I have had a lot of people in my life that draw in what is often considered “drama.” People who are the most guilty of blowing situations out of proportion project this behavior onto me because I let my emotions get the best of me. Needless to say a lot of folks have fucked with me, and taken advantage of my naïve nature, and my good intentions. It really all comes down to intentions, doesn’t it? Anyway, I have grown very guarded, and very untrusting towards my fellow humans after being burned numerous times. And while I have no regrets, and have taken my knocks, I am still rather shy when it comes to meeting new people. So this anonymous forum of the internet both allows me to vent my frustrations, ideas and opinions, without the added burden of someone I care about later using all of these things against me. You hear it all first, ladies and gentlemen. Feel free to let a girl know what you think, and let the mudslinging begin!!!!

Miss A.
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